Site News
Jul 23 2006
Links section was added
Sunday, 23 July 2006

Section with Links was added to the site. Here you can found links to the most famous world museums and gallerie, as well as some virtual galleries.
Jul 16 2006
Artist Statement
Saturday, 15 July 2006
My Statement finally available here. Any comments, suggestions are appresiated.

"...As shows my observation, the general tendency of the modern art became forced game with imagination of the audience. The artist doesn’t like to open his own world, but tries to reflect his "world surrounding", he plays with the soul of the audience. Art usually becomes a monologue not the artist bearing the information, but carrying out a role of the listener of the audience, asking again and again - "what you can see here?". Masters of the Middle Ages, such as Durer, built the works on dialogue, or, lets tell you more precisely, a monologue with the spectator where the figure of the master became a predominating role..."

May 27 2006
New site is opened...
Saturday, 27 May 2006
New site was opened. Slighthly redesigned in comparison with old one. Old page The old page still available here: On the old pages you can still found images (with higher resolution) and translation to the different languages. On the new page only english will be supported. Right now gallery with drawings, paintings and photos is opened. And please don't hesitate to contact with me...