Feb 13 2007
Silk Painting - the first experience
Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The Silk Painting is new for me... And not new. I've started with silk before study in Art Academy. For a half year I take a silk painting course. First theory, then practice. During practical work I have found that I've got allergical reaction for the silk colors, and then my exersises was discontinued. My primary area of interest was changed to Industrial design. After thirteen years I have purchased silk starter set, just for fun. After some experiments I haven't any allergical reactions! Probably the new colors much better than before. I can do silk painting again!

Silk painting

  Well, after that I have purchased professional AvantGarde silk colors, chemie and some special devices. The theory of the silk painting well known by me, so I needed just lot of practical exercises right now. Its look like a sport. Now I can use my experience as designer for silk painting as well.

Silk painting

In additional, I have collected some books of the masters which can be used as motives for my paintings. Gustav Klimt, for example. Right now this is not professional work, something inbetween hobby and profi... But any comments appreciated. See full artwork below:

Silk Painting.
"Gustav Klimt on Vacation" Silk Painting. 90 x 90 cm

Silk painting
Silk painting. Fragment.

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